EOY Alumni App


The power of the EOY programme lies within the Alumni community. To maximise this potential and help the Alumni connect more easily and effectively our Alumni Board developed the brand new 2017 EOY Alumni App / Website.

This secure, private and up-to-date directory, exclusively available to past finalists, can be used to search for and contact other Alumni that may be able to advise on specific business or personal topics, whether that’s a challenge they are facing or a new business opportunity they want to grasp.

Alumni often say to potential new finalists that one of the biggest value of The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year program is getting to know other Entrepreneurs who have already traveled down the path that lies before them.

Please visit https://alumni.eoy.ie/ to register.

IRFU Mentoring Programme and IRUPA


The EOY programme has paired 42 of our Alumni with players on the Irish International Rugby Team. The aim of this initiative is to challenge our Alumni to use their skills, knowledge and experience to help players maximise their potential now and prepare for
life after professional rugby.

EOY also works on the Leinster branch of the Irish Rugby Union Players Association (IRUPA) to help promote player welfare and education.

Soul of Haiti

The Soul of Haiti Foundation is an Irish registered charity which was established in 2007 by a group of our EOY Alumni. Upon visiting Haiti for our 2007 CEO Retreat, some representatives from our Alumni came together with the aim to apply their entrepreneurial skills and resources to create a positive impact on the lives of the people of Haiti.

The Soul of Haiti’s mission is to exercise its expertise to improve the economic and social circumstances of communities in Haiti in a practical, sustainable manner.

Some major events in the Soul of Haiti calendar every year are the Cycle4Haiti and the Corporate Quiz Challenge.

To find out more about Soul of Haiti, follow the below link: